What does Community Mapper do?

Helps you grow and build community engagement around your event, cause, brand or product.

Who is it for?

Our mission is to connect communities. Any kind of community which will grow stronger by connecting its members. In particular Community Mapper is for:

  • Companies looking to build community style engagement with their customers

  • Event Managers looking to provide networking opportunities for their potential registrants

  • Charitable organisations looking to build more close knit membership through grouping like-minded members

  • Professional or Alumni organisations looking to build a more collaborative membership

Contact Us if you are interested in using Company Mapper.

What is special about Community Mapper?

Community Mapper employs a unique web based network mapping facility which exposes common interest linkages between community members.

  • Community members can interact with the map by navigating or searching for like-minded members.

  • Community Mapper can be embedded into you very own web sites to enhance your branding and attention gained.

  • Community Intelligence Analytics provide community managers with insights into hot topics, levels of community conformity with your brand and emerging community connections.

Community Mapper in Action

We are forming our own community of 'Community Mapper' users. Please feel free to go to the survey tab, complete your interest profile and find out who has similar needs and interests to yourself that you might want to connect with.

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